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Ranma 1/2: Eyecatch

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The Ranma 1/2 TV series had three different eyecatch sequences:

(EYE 1) Ranma 1/2 Episodes 1-18 (Season 1)
This eyecatch appears only before the commercial break. There is no eyecatch after the break.
Genma panda juggles some fruit into the air, catching the fruit in his mouth and eating it as it comes down. He finishes by drinking a cup of steaming tea.

(EYE 2) Ranma 1/2 Nettohen Episodes 1 -117 (Seasons 2 – 6)
(EYE 2.1) This eyecatch appears before the commercial break.
Akane chases Ranma, swinging a broom at him. He back flips over Akane, avoiding the broom and sticking out his tongue at Akane, but landing on P-chan, who ends up with a case of giant eyeballs.
(EYE 2.2) This eyecatch appears after the commercial break.
Akane, with P-chan on her head, pursues a backpeddling Ranma with hand strikes and kicks. Ranma does a back flip, sticking out his tongue, as Genma panda slips a tub of water underneath him so that Ranma ends up soaked and female.

(EYE 3) Ranma 1/2 Nettohen Episodes 118 -143 (Seasons 6 – 7)
(EYE 3.1) This eyecatch appears before the commercial break.
Genma panda is smoking his pipe on the roof as P-chan, Mousse duck, and Shampoo fight.
(EYE 3.2) This eyecatch appears after the commercial break.
The post-commercial eyecatch picks up the fight where it left off at the end of the pre-commercial eyecatch.

 [EYE 2.1] Strike one! (A13)

 [EYE 2.1] Jumping the broom (A18)

 [EYE 2.1] Up and over (A19)

 [EYE 2.1] My Ranma, what big teeth you have! (A20)

 [EYE 2.1] Coming down (A21)

 [EYE 2.1] Impending doom (A25)

 [EYE 2.1] Oops! (B4)

 [EYE 2.1] Layout

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