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Ranma 1/2: Guest Players

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Guest players are those that appear in an episode or two, not truly part of the continuing supporting cast, although many characters, such as Tsubasa, make return appearances in later episodes involving group activities.

 [Movie 1] Kirin

 [OAV 4] Enraged adult Miss Hinako

 [OAV 4] Hooped Miss Hinako

 [OAV 6] Fake Sisters

 [TV N9] Golden Pair

 [TV N27] Tsubasa on swing

 [TV N27] Tsubasa Kurenai

 [TV N57] Panda boy Yotaro's mother

 [TV N59] Midori foiling a thief

 [TV N59] Midori

 [TV N72] Standing Short

 [TV N72] Up, up, and away

 [TV N73] Maomolin the Ghost Cat

 [TV N80] Kimiyasu Daitokuji

 [TV N87] A little bubbly, perhaps?

 [TV N97] A Challenge

 [TV N101] Rinko

 [TV N40] Issuing a Challenge

 [TV N101] Rinko yelling

 [TV N106] Snow Girl

 [TV N106] Snow Girl

 [TV N125] Professorial Cat

 [TV N136] Mariko Konjo

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