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Ranma 1/2: Nude-O-Ranma

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Ranma 1/2 is a light comedy romp. It shovels out casual nudity right and left, starting with the main character's obliviousness to "female modesty" when in his "cold wet" state. Wet T-shirt opportunities abound.

Consequently, any true collection reflecting the high points of the series must show a little obligatory skin. And a section such as this is as necessary to this gallery as a wine cellar is to a wine connoisseur.

So, you've been properly warned before proceeding. And, remember, this isn't the Louvre. A sense of humor is all that is really necessary.

 [TV N43] Sudsy Akane

 [TV N43] Mail Man

 [TV N62] Embarassment

 [TV N81] Pre-nudes

 [TV N81] Rock of ages

 [TV N81] ... or are you just happy to see me?
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Curator: benten
Gallery Created: 12/8/2004
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