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The TV series was aired continuously from 14 October 1981 to 19 March 1886. There were no actually divisions into seasons. Sites, such as Tomobiki-cho (part of, subdivide the TV series, grouping the episodes according to the opening / ending combinations. Also, the TV series aired as half-hour episodes; but, at the beginning, the episodes were divided into two separate stories. Following the convention used by both Tomobiki-cho and AnimEigo, which produced the American translations of the anime, the cels on this site are identified by episode number in square brackets preceding the cel title. However, AnimEigo also enumerates the story number in their notes. This is important because, when a number appears on a production drawing, it is the story number and not the episode number. In the story and episode numbering, a TV Spring Special (1 episode, 2 stories) was aired between episodes 21 and 22 but is not included in either enumeration.


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