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Ranma 1/2 Genga Eps 11 C157

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Episode 11 Cuts 157,161.

Digital Dojo: Disc 3 DVD Title 2 14:12->14:14 (Cut 157) & 14:25->14:32 (Cut 161)

Episode "Ranma Meets Love Head-On! Enter the Delinquent Juvenile Gymnast"

Kodachi has Akane wrapped up with her ribbon and is about to hit her with a mallet with Ranma bursts through Akane's bedroom door, slamming Kodachi against the wall with the door (cut 157). Later, after Ranma has chased P-chan around the room, Ranma exits with Akane looking on as the ribbon falls off her (cut 161).

Cut 157 encompasses genga A,B1 to B3, C1 to C7,E1 & E2. Cut 161 encompasses C8 through C13 and D4 through D13, and E3.

 Genga A

 Genga C1 E1

 Genga C1

 Genga C2

 Genga C3

 Genga B1 B2 C3

 Genga B1

 Genga B2

 Genga B3

 Genga C4

 Genga C4

 Genga C5

 Genga C6

 Genga C6

 Genga C7

 Genga C7'

 Genga C5

 Genga C7
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