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Ranma 1/2: OAV Openings/Endings

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The list below provides the Viz DVD set identification and the original Japanese Laserdisc identification. Viz did not match the original Japanese video openings and endings. Viz used only 4 of the 14 openings and endings on the episodes themselves. However, disc 3 of the OAV Series Set provides all of the openings and endings under "Extra Stuff: Non-credit Opening / Ending".

Viz Episode 1: OAV 1 (PCLE-00002): Shampoo's Sudden Switch! The Curse of the Contrary Jewel!
Viz Episode 2: OAV 2 (PCLE-00004): Tendo Family Christmas Scramble
Viz Episode 3: OAV 3 (PLCE-00006): Akane vs. Ranma! I'll Be The One To Inherit Mother's Recipes!
Viz Episode 4: OAV 4 (PLCE-00007): Stormy Weather Comes To School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako!
Viz Episode 5: OAV 5 (PLCE-00008): The One To Carry On, Part 1
Viz Episode 6: OAV 6 (PLCE-00011): The One To Carry On, Part 2
Viz Episode 7: OAV Special 1 (PLCE-00015): Reawakening Memories, Part 1
Viz Episode 8: OAV Special 2 (PLCE-00017): Reawakening Memories, Part 2
Viz Episode 9: Movie 3 (PLCE-00018): Team Ranma vs. The Legendary Phoenix
Viz Episode 10: Super OAV 1 (PLCE-00021): Oh, Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love! Let My Love Be Forever!
Viz Episode 11: Super OAV 2 (PLCE-00022): Hell Hath No Fury Like Kasumi Scorned!
Viz Episode 12: Super OAV 3 (PLCE-00023): The Two Akanes! Ranma, Look At Me!!

[OAV OP1] OAV 1-6 Opening: It's Love! Panic
[OAV ED1] OAV 1-6 Ending: Ballad of Ranma and Akane
[OAV OP2] OAV Special 1 Opening: Where Do We Go From Here? (You and Me)
[OAV ED2] OAV Special 1 Ending: A Pure and Proper Christmas
[OAV OP3] OAV Special 2 Opening: Grammar School, Midday
[OAV ED3] OAV Special 2 Ending: Red Shoe Sunday
[OAV OP4] Movie 3 Opening: Endless Summer Break
[OAV ED4] Movie 3 Ending: Liar
[OAV OP5] Super OAV 1 Opening: Shining Sky and Your Voice
[OAV ED5] Super OAV 1 Ending: A Slightly Sloping Hill
[OAV OP6] Super OAV 2 Opening: So Many Memories
[OAV ED6] Super OAV 2 Ending: A Bit of Love, Gone
[OAV OP7] Super OAV 3 Opening: Two-way, Complex Love
[OAV ED7] Super OAV 3 Ending: Him (Boyfriend)

 [OAV OP1] Ranma

 [OAV OP1] Akane

 [OAV OP1] Hats off!

 [OAV OP2] Game players

 [OAV OP2] Shampoo

 [OAV OP2] Delivery Girl

 [OAV OP2] Rushing Along (B7)

 [OAV OP2] Rushing along (B8)

 [OAV OP 2] Rushing along B9

 [OP3] Portrait of Shampoo

 [OAV OP4] Nabiki heading home

 [OAV OP5] Orange Ranma-chan

 [OAV ED1] Akane turning

 [OAV ED4] As the train passes by ...

 [OAV ED5] Shampoo cat

 [OAV ED7] Kasumi eating

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