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Ranma 1/2: Shampoo

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Shampoo. Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon warrior and one of Ranma's many fiancées. Shampoo's Jusenkyo cursed form is a very cute pinkish white cat. Shampoo is the only one of Ranma's fiancées that Ranma is actually responsible for accruing as a result of his own actions, rather than those of Ranma's father Genma.

 [Movie 1] A hard landing

 [Movie 1] Grim Shampoo

 [OAV OP2] Shampoo

 [OAV OP2] Delivery girl

 [OAV OP3] Portrait of Shampoo

 [OAV ED5] Shampoo cat

 [OAV 1] Excited Shampoo

 [OAV 1] Elegant Shampoo

 [OAV 2] Laughing on the inside

 [OAV 9] Shampoo

 [OAV 10] Just desserts

 [TV OP6] Calm Shampoo

 [TV 15] Shampoo at the ready

 [TV 15] Shampoo on the attack

 [TV 15] I'll take a big slice!

 [TV 15] Shampoo & Ranma at sunset

 [TV 16] Shampoo in love

 [TV 16] Shampoo upset

 [TV 17] Bear Claw Hug

 [TV 17] Shampoo

 [TV N3] Unhappy Shampoo

 [TV N29] A Smashing Shampoo

 [TV N54] For Whom the Bell Tolls

 [TV N125] Cheers!

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Gallery Created: 12/8/2004
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