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Ranma 1/2: Ranma

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Ranma Saotome



 [OAV OP1] Ranma

 [OAV 7] Frustrated Ranma

 [OAV 12] Ranma with Doll

 [TV OP8] Running Ranma

 [TV 3] Unhappy Ranma

 [TV 5] Ranma eating potato chips

 [TV 5] A quick pat on the back

 [TV 6] Ranma talking to Akane

 [TV 7] Ranma running

 [TV7] Snapping up a storm

 [TV 7] A Bun a Day ...

 [TV 10] Ranma in a Fight

 [TV 10] The Green Ring

 [TV 12] Disco Ranma C29

 [TV 12] Disco Ranma B34

 [TV N2] All Wrapped Up

 [TV N8] Ranma with bag

 [TV N8] Ranma yelling

 [TV N9] Ranma & Azusa

 [TV N19] Ranma getting his fiber

 [TV N33] Ranma vs Sasuke

 [TV N59] Anything-Goes Martial Arts Special Attack - The Blue Bra!
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