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Ranma 1/2: Ranma-chan

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Ranma Saotome in female form

The image above is a scan of the Ranma 1/2 1192 shitajiki from my collection.

 [Movie 2] Served up on a platter

 [OAV OP2] Rushing along (B7)

 [OAV OP2] Rushing along (B8)

 [OAV OP2] Rushing along (B9)

 [OAV OP5] Orange Ranma-chan

 [OAV 4] Determined Ranma-chan

 [TV OP1] Hanging in there

 [TV OP1] Wet Ranma-chan

 [TV OP1] Ranma-chan pausing

 [TV OP3] Ranma-chan skating

 [TV OP6] Relaxed Ranma-chan

 [TV OP8] Sliding Ranma-chan

 [TV ED9] Ranma-chan

 [TV 1] Panda fighting

 [TV 1] Perplexed Ranma-chan

 [TV 3] Just Hangin' Around

 [TV 9] Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

 [TV 9] Running in the rain

 [TV 9] What sort of ham is this?

 [TV 15] Ranma-chan pigging out

 [TV N4] All almost dressed up & no place to go

 [TV N4] Goin' fishin'

 [TV N7] Upset Ranma-chan

 [TV N7] Ranma-chan shocked
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