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Ranma 1/2: Akane

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Tendo Akane, youngest of the three Tendo sisters

 Akane in ghi

 [Movie 1] Prelude to a kiss

 [OAV OP1] Hats off!

 [OAV OP1] Akane

 [OAV 5] Happy Akane

 [OAV 6] Fierce Akane

 [OAV 7] Coming in for a landing

 [OAV 7] Taking a sip

 [OAV 8] Akane listening

 [OAV 8] I'm gonna brush that man ...

 [OAV 8] Shinnosuke and Akane

 [OAV 10] Gottcha!

 [OAV 11] Akane holding P-chan

 [OAV 12] Blowing in the wind..

 [PCBA-51045] Songstress Akane

 [PCBA-51045] Akane on stage

 [TV OP1] Daydreamer Believer

 [TV OP3] Pensive Akane A2

 [TV OP3] Pensive Akane A4

 [TV OP3] Pensive Akane A9

 [TV 1] Welcoming Akane

 [TV1] Angry, Nude Akane

 [TV 2] Toweling off

 [TV 3] Akane on the hunt
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