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Reference Sites

Rumic World - This is THE English-language reference site for information on all of Rumiko Takahashi's works.

Ranma 1/2 Galleries - Galleries Containing Significant Ranma 1/2 Materials

Diana's (& Chris's) - A very nice cel collection and much helpful information on identifying the episodes that cels are from. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a while.
Anything Goes Cel Gallery - This gallery contains some exceptional Ranma cels. The OP cels are magnificent.
Shadowcat's Mostly DB ZGallery - This gallery has some truly magnificent cels of many of the main characters.
Maiken2051 Anime Cel gallery - Large collection with a good variety of Ranma cels
Aernath's Heartthrobs - Very nice gallery with a Ranma-specific focus on Ranma himself.
Hoodies & Raindrops - This gallery has several nice hanken cels and an impressive selection of Shampoo cels.
Nat's Cel Gallery - The Ranma selection in this gallery isn't as large as some of the others cited here. But the gallery has a lovely selection, which includes the artist's own fan cels.
Cordelia's Cel Cove - Very cute gallery containing some interesting Ranma cels
P-Chan's Home - Not a large gallery - but really cute!
Ryan's Gallery - Gallery having many Ranma cels.
Paint & Plastic - Not a large number, but a nice selection.

Birdy the Mighty - Galleries having one or more cels from Birdy the Mighty

Yann's Cels Gallery - Birdy the Mighty section of Yann Stettler's (Animanga) personal gallery. His personal gallery includes only cels of Birdy herself.
Maiken2051 Anime cel gallery - Variety of cels (sixteen actually) from the OVAs
To Protect to the End - Cels of Birdy herself
Lamont's Cel Gallery - Cels of Birdy and one of Tsutomu under "Tetsuwan Baadeii"
Beatrush's Collection - Two cels and a sketch of Birdy
Chris' Cel Site - Cel of Birdy and an animated gif of Tsutomu
Skorp Cel Gallery - Two cels of Birdy
Lone Turtle's Cel Gallery - A cel of Ondine
Past Time Cels - One Cel of Birdy
Terence's Cel Gallery - One cel of Natsumi under Miscellaneous Page 1
Tekaneda's@anime! Cels - One Cel of Birdy
Van's Animation Cels - - One cel of Tsutomu under Miscellaneous

Vendors - Places / People selling anime / manga collectibles

Mangasearch - This is the source for shitajiki (pencil boards) for those who collect more than just cels.


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