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Ranma 1/2: Nude-O-Ranma

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[TV 1] Long, tall,.. Ranma-chan
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Cel Number: D3
Standard size

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Added 7/4/2010
Updated 1/31/2013
Ranma Nibunnoichi Episode 1 (Season 1) Cut 263

Episode Title "The Strange Stranger from China"

Viz Digital Dojo Disc 1 Title 1 21:02 (Viz Season 1, Episode 1)

A naked Ranma-chan! Ranma-chan is about to enter the Tendo bath area. This is just before she runs into a naked Akane exiting the bath. A slap ensues! In a following scene, Nabiki comments that it was OK this time because, unlike their first nude encounter in the bath, this time they were both girls. Akane disagrees.

I find the extra long arm and legs very strange - usually the off-camera elements are drawn to proper proportions.

A sequence mate from a little later in the cut is located in "Ryan's Gallery." That cel also has a naked Akane as well as a naked Ranma-chan.

Below: Screen capture

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